“Ancient Hot Spring Capital, Blessed City” in New York – Successful Promotion of Fuzhou Tourism in New York

【GCTV News 】 On the evening of November 7, “Ancient Hot Spring Capital, Blessed City” Tourism Promotion was successfully held in New York. On the occasion, Li Chun, deputy mayor of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, invited American friends to visit Fuzhou and feel the infinite charm of “Ancient Hot Spring Capital, Blessed City”. More than 100 representatives attended the event, including:

Mr. Li Liyan, Cultural Counsellor, General Consulate of the People’s Republic China in New York; Ms Guo wenmei, Counselor, General Consulate of the People’s Republic China in New York; Mr. He Li, Deputy Director, China National Tourist Office in New York; Ms. Li Xuebi, Office Manager, China National Tourist Office in New York; Ms. Peggy Murphy, Executive Vice President, United States Tour Operators Association(USTOA) ; Mr. Luis Maravi, Director of Membership & Programming, United States Tour Operators Association(USTOA); Mr. Lin Bo, Director, FujianTourism Promotion Center at New York; Ms. Simone Bassous, Executive Director, the Pacific Asia Travel Association(PATA), Mr. Lin Peng, Sales Manager, Xiamen Airline, New York Office; Ms. Sherry Chai, General Manager, US China Travel Service Inc. (USCTS); Mr. Chen Xueshun; Mr. Lin Tianhuan, President, Fuzhou Shiyi Association,Mr. Lin Cifei, President, America Fujian General Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Zhu Liye, Manager, US www.fjsen.com; and Representatives of a few dozens of Fujian/ Fuzhou Associations & Organizations, as well as some NY travel agencies.

At the event, Fuzhou tourism delegation gave an impressive presentation of Fuzhou’s tourism resources and products relating to hot spring, culture, ecology, river and ocean, and introduced several featured tour routes to local industry sector. Wonderful performances were put on, e.g. peculiar jasmine tea art performance of Fuzhou, characteristic song-and-dance show What A Beautiful Jasmine. In addition, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between travel companies was held. Fujian Tourism Company Ltd. signed cooperation agreement with local famous travel company in New York US China Travel Service, Inc…

Fujian lies on the southeastern coast of China and faces Taiwan across the Strait. It boasts beautiful landscape and superb living environment. The US is one of the biggest overseas tourism source markets of Fujian province with the number of US tourists standing top 3 in Fujian for years. Launched on February 15, 2017, the Xiamen Airlines’ Fuzhou-New York flight is the first intercontinental direct air route to the USA. The 14,000-kilometer route is the longest air route of Xiamen Airlines tackled by the Boeing 787-9 vessel every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. It takes 14.5 hours to complete a single trip, which is very helpful for promoting mutual exchange. The launch makes Fuzhou the first Chinese city to have a direct flight to New York after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which not only boosts the tourism of the USA and surrounding areas, but also makes it much easier for northern American tourists to visit Fuzhou, friends and relatives and do business. This is a new channel of Fuzhou and Fujian interacting with foreign countries, which helps Fuzhou further take advantage of its position as the “Hometown of Overseas Chinese” and accelerate the construction of pivotal airport of the gateway of the Maritime Silk Road and international aerotropolis.

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